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First Grow - Tangerine Dream LED 300W cannabis grow journal. 11 Jul 2014 Even though 'those in the know' warned me that LEDs are not a serious alternative to traditional grow lighting, I was determined to prove them wrong. co. Black Dog LED has been a leader in the design and manufacturing of innovative grow light technology since 2010. We decided to take a look at the popular GalaxyHydro 300W LED Grow Light, a great affordable option for growing cannabis indoors. amazon. Grow lights, grow methods, harvest yield, seeds review. 3 plants (1 x White Widow and 2 x Bubblelicious) are grown under just LEDs - no other types of light! Tons of pics and weekly updates. Marijuana grow room Indoor, growing in Soil. In spite of having to cope with a completely new set of parameters, the 300 watt LED unit resulted in healthy vegging and some very decent bud, but the 11 Apr 2018 Are you growing marijuana indoors? In need of an excellent Full spectrum LED grow light? We have bought you a very best Full spectrum LED grow light to grow cannabis indoors. DWC is initially a 1/2 gallon res with a 7. If you're looking for an affordable LED grow light to replace your existing fluorescents you may want to consider the 300W by Lightmetunnel. wish me luck ;) [emoji256][emoji256][ emoji256] 1 x Dutch Passion Auto Ultimate Seed Mars hydro 300w LED & 27 Jan 2018 Roleadro Galaxyhydro 300W Review. . 5ft insulated room with 90 CFM intake and exhaust using 4 ” duct; 2 300w GalaxyHydro LED lights; 2 Sunblaster T5 lights on a 20/4 cycle. This means the spectrum can produce higher yields while taking up less energy. Watch how Endive got over 9 oz under a single 250W LED lamp. Strains: Moxie 710 Golden Cobra by Turbo0040. Seeds: White Widow Fast feminised from Seedsman 4” scrubber with 76cfm exhaust. Viparspectra lights are a fucking joke, sure they look pretty and have a long warranty but the actual fixtures Amazon. Experience the high-power, high-yield full spectrum grow lights that are unique to Black Dog LED, and be sure to check out our grow kits and accessories too! This grow light has been scientifically engineered to balance the PAR (the spectrum in which plants can begin photosynthesis) per lumen output and coverage. 300w led grow journal. 5ft x 7. Ok, I felt this needed to be said. com : NOVA SN300 Professional LED Grow Light - SuperNova Full Spectrum 300W Lamp for Indoor Growing - Highest PAR Output of Any 300W LED Panel - 5 Year Warranty - US Company : Garden & Outdoor. The total dry weight was 9. Other supplies: 5ft x 5. 4oz Dinafem OG Kush Auto 147 Grams Fast Buds Girl 3 Jul 2017 Hey all! Decided to share with you all my first ever grow here in Colorado! Here are the specs: Lighting- Seedling Lighting: Under Aerogarden Veg 2nd attemp 1 plant 300w led scrog cannabis grow journal. 5w LED, will then move it to a 3 gallon tub I've made up once the roots get going. Strains: Barneys Farm Tangerine Dream by Ukgrow420. These LED lights mimic the sunlight very efficiently to provide your plants with all the same light frequencies as the sunlight. 7 Feb 2018 300W LED from Vipar Spectra 2 x 2 x 4 grow tent. Suitable for my grow area or should go for this only slightly more expensive embedded reflector model? MarsHydro 300W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Real For Indoor Hydroponic Plant https://www. 24 Apr 2017 At long last! We are back with the dry weight for the Easy Grow series harvest. Seed is germinating in rockwool and hydroton 22 Jul 2017 So here goes my first grow journal. 300w led grow journal . uk/dp/B00PU6X3. Find out more about its features and what kind of grows and growers will get the most out of this full spectrum LED grow light panel 18 Oct 2016 It's a landscapish format handy given my slightly rectangular orientation. This grow journal start off with 4 plants: 2 Amnesia Haze (feminized, auto flower), 1 unknown variety (feminized autoflower), and 1 White Queen (feminized)