just a girl that loves kpop # seventeen scenarios # mingyu fluff # seventeen imagines # seventeen fluff Mingyu - (Mornings with SVT Series Tags #seventeen #svt scenarios #svt fluff #svt fanfic #mingyu #kim mingyu #mingyu scenarios #mingyu fluff #kpop scenarios #kpop Backstage Shyness Request: Hello~~ could you do a scenario where Mingyu has a crush on another idol? And can the scenario be as fluffy as possible pls? Thank yooou “Genre: fluff Pairing: Mingyu x found. 2. Mingyu plopped you on the couch and went to the kitchen to prepare some tea. You took a deep breath as you sunk down in the office chair in front of the huge console, your fingers nervously drumming on your lap. Suddenly, you heard a shout and you turned your head to the source of the sound. stay under. mingyu fluff scenario. hello! can i request a scenario where Mingyu wants to keep your skinship to a minimum Boyfriend!Mingyu (G) Genre: Fluff, angst with a little bit of tension Mingyu Scenarios. 64. Theme: Love. Jun. Genre: fluff/smut. Neither of you know what will happen on this scary stormy night alone. Find Seventeen fanfics here, wonwoo mingyu pairing fluff romance oneshot meanie seventeen jeonghan joshua fluff romance au chapter seventeen scenario Type: Fluff. genre: ???? not fluff but like smutty-ish??? pairing: mingyu x reader. Your boyfriend sat on the couch and placed the cup on the coffee table. Mingyu turned his head and looked at you and you were sure that you would faint eventually at some point of time. you were Mingyu x Reader - ~~~: You are Joshua’s little sister, who doesn’t approve of your relationship with Mingyu, so you two decide to run away. In Debt– You x Mingyu x Wonwoo [Fluff, Angst-ish imagines #seventeen scenarios #mingyu imagine #mingyu scenario #jeonghan imagines #jeonghan scenarios # Seventeen Masterlist SEVENTEEN Wonwoo (Fluff) The End the8 scenario jun scenario seungkwan scenario hoshi scenario woozi scenario mingyu scenario . Even after a month, there was c You’re Cute When You’re Jealous Characters: Mingyu x Reader Words: 501 Rated: A x F (angst (not really) x fluff) Request: “A scenario where mingyu has a photoshoot with a really beautiful female model seventeen scenarios angst seventeen fluff seventeen angst kpop imagines kpop scenarios kpop angst kpop fluff jihoon mingyu wonwoo vernon scoups woozi Seventeen Scoops Masterlist Scenarios: • cinema date (mingyu/fluff) • merry pre-christmas! (hoshi/fluff) • storms (minghao/fluff) • goodnight (jeonghan + joshua/fluff) • all i want for christmas is Momma Bird- Mingyu Fluff Request: Mingyu imagine pretty please? 💙 He sees a new, cute girl in the neighbourhood (shops, cafés, parks etc) and falls for her. Read Mingyu - Seventeen (Angst/Fluff) Part 1 from the story KPOP Scenarios [Book 2] by prettyboy-trash (Terra) with 2,838 reads. Find Seventeen fanfics here, Or Wonwoo loves Mingyu, wonwoo xyou angst fluff seventeen scenarios. The hotel was a forty five minute drive from the airport, but your excitement for the day ahead kept your impatience at bay. You turned on the TV and got comfy on the sofa. 1. genre: fluff. coups / Seungcheol “ • Birthday Kisses (fluff) • Dangerous Man (slight angst, cool) • Heart to Heart (fluff, confession) ” ☆ Jeonghan “ • Drunk Confession (fluff, confession) • Mr. 3. You brought the lunchbox you prepared for Mingyu with you when it was finally your Selca ships request is OPEN. Mingyu Scenarios. Here’s the trick: she’s always with a Scenarios ☆ S. Bonding Time - Mingyu Fluff. Just Another Scenario Account index message; genres . Mingyu let out a groan followed by rolling his eyes while he watched you dance in your seat to Dope. Mingyu. Wonwoo. 3 (Fluff) Joshua is your overprotective brother who doesn’t want you to date Mingyu. Summary: a whole group of boys couldn’t make my heart beat as fast as you do . Request: I would like to request a Mingyu scenario where he gets jealous because their girlfriend is fan girling over BTS. Genre: Fluff, AU. My Two Favorite Boys Characters: Mingyu x Reader x Joshua Words: 476 Rated: F (fluff) Request: “A scenario where you’re joshua’s best friend who has been friends with seventeen for a long time as Mingyu x reader Fansign. Minghao was asleep on your lap, and your head was on Mingyu’s shoulder. Scenario request is Mingyu scowled at him, and turned his attention back to the film. 5k words, fluff + mostly angst → @jongjongdaein submitted: mingyu from seventeen, fluff turned angst? ” of course dating an idol was a roller coaster of emotions. #mingyu #mingyu scenario #mingyu fluff #seventeen scenario #seventeen scenarios # hello! can i request a super fluff scenario where joshua really wants his gf “Mm, and so have you. He then proceeded to grab your hand and headed to the taxi stand. You were watching the drama and your sleepiness caught up with you. Also, I love Mingyu so much I thought he deserved a series so this is part 1, fluffy part that was requested by the anon so I won’t disappoint but the other parts (there will be part 2 and possibly part 3) will have angst so get ready for the feels train. "So, am I your favorite in Seve Type: Scenario. Figure Skater!Mingyu • the way you meet mingyu is actually the cutest svt au; seventeen scenarios; svt scenarios; mingyu scenario; mingyu fluff Song (Mingyu Fluff) Request: Mingyu from seventeen 21. “can I kiss you?” Thank you!! I love your scenarios btw! :) Word Count: 354 You looked up at Mingyu as he tapped your all of you. Jeonghan x Reader - ~~~: Jeonghan is spending his day off with you and you want to go and do something but Jeonghan doesn’t. Read Mingyu - Seventeen (Angst/Fluff) Part 2 from the story KPOP Scenarios [Book 2] by prettyboy-trash (Terra) with 2,288 reads. ” “Good morning. Plot: You go on a school camping trip and get an unexpected chance to be with your crush Mingyu. posted Jul 22 15 with 33 notes. Mingyu Scenario. Member: Kim Mingyu (x Youtuber!Reader) Genre: Fluff, Non-Idol!AU [A/N: This isn’t weird at all anon!! Omg I love this idea, I hope you enjoy!!] Originally posted by gyuwus. about me ; social media ; biases Backstage Shyness Request: Hello~~ could you do a scenario where Mingyu has a crush on another idol? And can the scenario be as fluffy as possible pls? Thank yooou “Genre: fluff Pairing: Mingyu x Enjoy this super short scenario! ;d You had been queueing up for 2 hours at the Seventeen fanmeet. - bank robbery!au based off this orbit commercial and the definition of roman holiday ; fluff // LINK. Fluff Scenarios. Another advantage of having a giant for a boyfriend, you thought to yourself as he gently pulled your body behind his, wrapping your arms around his waist, he doubled as a effective wind shield. You watched out the window and admired the moving scenery. pairing: reader x mingyu. 2 hours wasn’t that long honestly, your friends have experienced worse. Mingyu blinks at you. epic fantasy books and obviously to K-pop. # seventeen scenarios # seventeen mingyu # mingyu # kim mingyu # mingyu scenarios # mingyu imagines # kpop goodbye mingyu “ → 1. “you might like this” and 37. ” Mingyu levels his face with yours on the pillow, touching his nose to yours and smiling cheekily. smut ; angst ; fluff ; reactions; guidelines ; Groups . Mingyu is my bias from SEVENTEEN and I adore him with all my heart ;-; he’s so cute. Group: Seventeen. When Mingyu has a crush on a noona Thank you for requesting #kpop imagines #seventeen fluff #mingyu fluff #seventeen mingyu fluff #kpop fluff #scenarios Best Friend (Wonwoo/Mingyu) Mingyu could’ve been on his way to tear you #jeon wonwoo #wonwoo #mingyu #kim mingyu #wonwoo scenario #mingyu scenario #fluff? Pizza Boy (Seventeen – A Mingyu Scenario) DAY 5. “Goodnight. deal. Rainy Days (Mingyu Scenario) “A/N: It was raining today so I thought it would be the perfect weather to write a fluff scenario in, and nonetheless with my Seventeen bias Mingyu! Mingyu plopped you on the couch and went to the kitchen to prepare some tea. Mingyu took your hand in his and interlocked fingers with you, keeping the both of you warm as a gust of wind hit your faces. A/N- I literally got the idea for this scenario from a tw drama and an anime XD. Mingyu loved watching you film for your Youtube channel. Mingyu recited as he scrolled through the detailed itinerary on his phone. mingyu fluff scenario Once, twice, three times, lips turning up a little more each time. Joshua x Reader - ~~~: You were having a bad day until you bumped into Seventeen on the street. Mingyu x Reader. The sounds of your lips attaching and detaching from each other echoed off the walls of the practice room. blue christmas. By the time the third film finished, Wonwoo and Seokmin were sharing one of the blankets you had brought out. - sherlock!au in which wonwoo is a famous detective and pays a visit to a bakery reader works at during christmas ; fluff // LINK. Word Count: approx 729 words. 1 (Fluff): You’re a little sister to Seventeen’s stylist and you get forced to play the peppero game with Mingyu. 2 (Angst /w BE): Mingyu reminisces that time you broke up and he can’t sleep. Unexpected Meeting - Mingyu Fluff. Kpop Fluff // HIATUS. He checked every room and bathroom, but he simply couldn’t find a clue to where you had gone. - part 2 to lost; fluff/angst // LINK. groups navi ; masterlist ; About me . roman holiday. Jeonghan x Reader - ~~~: Jeonghan is spending his rare day off with you but you were only focused on buying tickets. mingyu scenarios #hansol fluff #vernon fluff #scoups fluff #mingyu fluff #seventeen scenario untainted-memories said: Mingyu x OC fluff/comedy ish idk? Since our Gyu wants to try acting one day, can you write a scenario where the OC and Mingyu are trying to film a kiss scene for their Mingyu When Mingyu stepped into your apartment, you were nowhere to be found. ” You close the distance between your faces, planting a kiss to his delightfully plump lips. There on the floor, nearby the stage where Seventeen was standing at was an old lady on the floor. Requests. He brought you to rest on his chest and you relaxed in his embrace